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Wally Johnston is a registered Osteopath with over 30 years experience offering a professional, personal solution to your problem. Osteopathy releases biomechanical strains in the body. This is done by an extensive array of hands on techniques. There is a technique suitable for all (from babies to the elderly). The strain could be situated in the joints between the bones or their soft tissue connections (i.e. muscles, ligaments, fascia and other connective tissues). Symptoms are caused when nerve irritation occurs or circulation of body fluids is compromised. The symptoms caused depend on what region is involved and could be anything from pain, restricted movement, muscle spasm, weakness, numbness, pins and needles … etc. Osteopaths are able to treat the musculoskeletal component of many common conditions, such as; back and neck pain, sciatica, tendonitis, headaches, pain in the limbs, sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, back problems during pregnancy, problems of babies, infants and children, arthritis and many more. The goal of treatment is to relieve your symptoms as quickly as possible and ensure your condition stabilises so it does not re-occur. This involves identifying the cause and introducing a plan of action to prevent a relapse. This may involve posture and body use advice, exercise, diet and other techniques once your condition is stable (see article). When it comes to treating babies and children the goal is to ensure proper function so they can grow out of strain and not into strain (“As the twig is bent so the tree grows”) At your first visit a thorough examination will take place which will allow us to develop a solution to your problem. This examination focuses on how your body works mechanically. Intimate to osteopathic thinking is the interrelationship between the structure and function of your body. The body is able to heal and regulate itself under normal circumstances when the structure of your body allows normal and unimpeded mechanical function. The cause of your problem and treatment needed to correct it will be explained to you. I will ensure you have a complete understanding of your problem and what has to be done for you to be restored to full health again.