Body Use Class

Body Use Class Photo

The goal of this class is to help participants learn & integrate proper body use/movement patterns into their activities of daily living so it will just happen naturally / subconsciously.

Based on the concept of “it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it” and “you have to crawl before you walk” the class will teach you to learn to move in a pattern which will allow you to do all the things you currently do in a manner which will not injure you, but will improve your health.

Classes with Wally at Osteopathic Health Solutions on the Central Coast

The class size is 2 people only to ensure proper instruction as the quality of how a movement is performed & the quality of how the movement is done is crucial & requires individual help so a compensated  movement pattern is not learnt.

A block of 5 classes will be required although the same format will be followed each week so people will be able to commence at any time (the same format is necessary to reinforce the learning & fundamentals).

A block of 5 classes will have to be booked initially so availability of space is known for booking purposes as competition for available space is expected to be high. The booking can then be adjusted to suit thereafter

A pre-requisite of Osteopathic treatment is required so the process of learning is started & problem areas can be identified & the intervention can be customised.

The cost of a block of 5 classes is $480