bent Graphic

“As the twig is bent so the tree grows”

As a plant grows from a single cell so does the human body. Each subsequent cell is developed from the previous one. The cell adapts to the demands sensed by the body & develops what is required. As the saying goes “as the twig is bent so the tree grows”.

The body is a collection of cells, with similar cells together forming various tissues & structures. Groups of cells adapt & grow together according to the need of the body.

The goal of Osteopathic treatment is for the child to grow out of strain and not grow into it. Strain/Pain occurs when the body is not functioning as one balanced unit and an area is being overloaded. Treatment usually involves a combination of manual therapy & body use instruction. If the correct messages are sent the right muscles will be recruited. The tissues will then evolve stronger as the body senses the load imposed & adapts to it, removing strain.

A growing pain is often due to an area being stressed/overloaded due to different structures growing at different rates. This often causes symptoms in the stressed/overloaded region. Symptoms are temporary till the different structures stop growing. If symptoms are persistent this can often mean there is another cause needing investigation.

Some specific examples are :

  • Neck & back pain often results from how the body is used in a repetitive way. When the body performs the same tasks in different way the body adapts & the new tissues form stronger.
  • The development of posture forms from the genetic expression & the demands imposed on the body from the environment. The combination of these determines how the cells will form & the structure of the posture.
  • Spine strengthening an area of stress & Osteophyte development ( growth of bone/more bone)


The body adapts to loads used & sensed. The next cells & structures will grow stronger. As the saying goes “As the twig bends so the tree grows”.