TrampolineA simple soft tissue injury normally heals in about 4-6 weeks if uncomplicated. The remodeling phase of the injury lasts much longer and is dependent on the function of the region and how it is being used. It is quite normal for lower back pain initially, but it should gradually disappear. If pain persists it may result in a habit of body use developing which will dictate how the injury heals in the remodeling phase. This would result in chronic or recurrent episodes of lower back pain.

If a mechanical issue is complicating the lower back injury, this may be a reason why the lower back pain is persisting.

An Osteopathic examination is highly recommended to ensure there is no mechanical problem complicating healing and that bad habits as a result do not develop.

After ensuring the injury is functioning normally the child will be instructed in proper body use. This enables the body’s muscles to to stabilise movement of the body so that the injury fully recovers.