girl slouching - Poor Posture

Q. My child has poor posture. What should I do?

A. If your child has poor posture tell them to tuck their chin in then lengthen their spine (either stand or sit tall). If the chin is tucked in first this will ensure that the right postural muscles will be activated. This is called “primary control” because the neck posture governs the rest of body mechanics. If this is done routinely it will become the natural posture & require no effort.

For example, if the child sits tall without tucking the chin in, their neck and shoulders will remain rounded and tight, and may not be permanently corrected (it will only remain whilst they consciously sit tall but as soon as they relax the bad posture will return because it has not become subconscious). The shoulders will automatically assume a relaxed position when the neck posture is established.

If you have any questions  about poor posture or need help in practical implementation, professional assistance should be sought.