Please understand that Osteopathic treatment relates to the musculoskeletal aspect of the condition (eg. helps with muscle contraction, relaxation & movement co-ordination)

This sequence helps the nervous system to process information better so learning is easier. The sequence should be done twice per day (once in the morning before school).The whole sequence fits into 5 mins


1. Child on Back

Laying on back & bring knees to the chest above belly button (knees bent) & place the hands on sides of abdomen & breath into them 3-5 times ensuring the pressure is kept into the hands & the knees are kept above the belly button/chest

1.Child on Back (Resized)

2. Child on Tummy

Laying on belly with chin tucked in & lift the head up slightly with a long neck (not backward bent) (At start resting on the forehead, arms & elbows bent with hands at shoulder level).

  • the movement starts & is lead by head/neck movement & not arm/shoulder

2. Child on Tummy (Resized)

3. Rocking

A.  From “Child on Tummy” (exercise 2) progress to coming up onto the elbows & then the elbows straighten as the weight is shifted  to onto the heels & raising to finish on the hands & knees (crawling position)

8b.Rj Cross Pattern 2

B. Then rock slowly & slightly forwards & backwards rhythmically for about 1 minute

3b. Rocking (Resized)

C. On the hands & knees lift the head up & lengthen through the spine (like a cat stretching) then shift the weight onto the heels (hands are still in the same place.)

3c .Extension:STNR Inhibition




* Initially do only exercises A. B. & C only.



4. “Morning & Night”

This exercise works on a retained Moro or ‘startle’ reflex. It is aimed at calming down the Nervous System & allowing it to process information better

A. Laying on back & hugging legs to chest. Imagine it is nighttime

4. Morning & Night:Knees to chest (240 kb)

B. As the sun rises the child imagines they it is the morning then stretches the arms, legs, & opens the eyes & mouth fully. Then the senses are stimulated – hearing/sound (ie. clap),  something touches them (ie. finger), they see something (ie. picture)

4. Morning & Night: Opening (340 kb)


C. It is nightime again & the child imagines closing as they hug their knees to their chest again.

4. Morning & Night:Knees to chest (240 kb)


Start from laying on back & stretching to hands & feet then roll to the side & back again like a”missile or “ rocket”

5. Rolling:Missile (307 kb)

  6.  Rolling  to hands & knees then rocking

Start  from laying  on back  & roll to side then come up onto all 4”s  then rock forward & back then  roll back down

5. Rolling:Missile (307 kb)3b. Rocking (Resized)

7. Rolling to hands & knees then Crawling


Start from laying on back then roll to tummy come up onto all 4”s  & crawl


8. Cross –Pattern on Tummy

Laying on tummy

Start by –  placing one hand up with elbow at shoulder level & turn head to look at arm ( other arm is straight /lower by the side of the body) – Straighten the leg on the same side whilst on the other side the hip & knee are bent

Change  sides  smoothly alternating for about 1 min

  • See Photo’s

8b.Rj Cross Pattern 28a.Rj Cross Pattern 1

9. “Morning and Night (again)