An Osteopath immediately reasons what could be causing the symptoms and what is actually causing it?

Once this is established, a solution to the problem can be developed. An Osteopath is able to treat the function of the body and if malfunction exists causing symptoms an Osteopath may be able to help.



What is Functioning and What is Not?

How one part of the body is functioning with the whole body is tested. The body is designed to work as one unit. If everything is working together a minimum of effort is required and everything will be supported and no part will be overloaded so injury and symptoms will not occur. When the body functions correctly it is both force generating and force dissipating.


Is The Bodies Structure Allowing It To Function

The structure of the body allows it to function efficiently. How the body is used or functions allows the structure to accommodate this and will adapt according to the demands placed on it. The structure and function of the body are dependent on each other.

How Can We Help The Patient By Improving Function?

Osteopathic manual therapy can adjust the structure of the body to allow it to function better. Advice and instruction in how you use your body will improve its function and helps symptoms. For example, helping a joint to move through its full range of movement helps symptoms by reducing nerve irritation, helping circulation of all fluids (supply & return & drainage), reducing muscle and other soft tissue tightness, activating muscles needed to support.