Lifting sofa couple


With daily duties such as lifting, moving objects, cleaning, and gardening, the body needs a fixed point, so it does not strain, or cause pain.

If the abdomen (“Core Stability”) is ACTIVATED, it will strengthen for the task and then provide a stable foundation for your body to perform. It is important that activation occurs naturally/ subconsciously so we don’t have to think about it. Activation occurs when the muscles pull downwards to a fixed point. This starts with the positioning of the feet, distributing the weight evenly. When standing the abdomen will be subconsciously activated for the task (turned on). This is what will be discussed, and shown, during Osteopathic Consultation and body use classes.  

This will ensure the muscles will be recruited properly & work together.  

The ultimate goal is for activities to be carried out in a way that is natural and subconscious and beneficial to daily life. For Body Use Class information please click here