Injury, Support and Performance

Injury, Support and Performance

With any task or your daily duties such as painting, cleaning, mowing, gardening and landscaping, the body needs to be stabilized, so it does not strain, or cause pain.

A tradesman, for example painting ceilings or walls, can cause repetitive strain. To prevent this and other injuries, a stable fixed point is necessary for the muscles, so they can work from this point to help with as much optimum and efficient performance possible.

If the abdomen (“Core Stability”) is ACTIVATED by using your body correctly, it will strengthen for the task and then provide a

stable foundation for your body to perform. It is important that activation occurs naturally/ subconsciously so we don’t have to think about it. This is what is taught in a body use class so the muscles will be recruited properly & work together.

Nerves that fire together will wire together. The goal is to get the wiring strong. Muscles do what nerves tell them and this is what we can teach you in our Osteopathic Examination & body use class.

We offer solutions for pain and health and our aim is restoration and rehabilitation for lasting results.

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