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– Mr Frank suffered back pain often when he did squats & knee pain & when he ran on the treadmill at the gym .  It became a problem when he did common household duties like taking the rubbish out, mowing & sweeping. In this case, we teach body use with focus on movement control & apply this to everyday life.

I know just how important it is for the body to receive the correct information, as I was a professional squash player, and had many injuries. The body will recruit muscles needed according to the information the brain receives. This is one of the many reasons why I became an Osteopath.

Treatment and classes will teach the muscles to work together in a way that is more efficient, so injury does not occur when you do daily tasks & workouts at the gym .

Osteopathic Consultation and body use classes highlight overload and incorrect use of your body in daily life. Instruction shows you how to correct this so overloading is prevented: Eg/ The knee collapsing when turning with an exercise ball because the trunk does not rotate. This sets off a chain reaction which can be addressed by body use improvement.

This is what you will learn and be instructed in :

  • Learn to use your body in a way to prevent injuries while doing daily tasks and gym exercise so it does not strain.
  • Prevent pain and strain and learn how the body adjusts, and it becomes subconscious.
  • Learn to use your body in a way that it is more efficient and uses less energy so you have more energy
  • Learn how the the Bodies Structure needs to allow it to Function


Group Exercise Class

Controlled movement allows the nerve connections to become stronger so the task becomes natural


There is a process of learning proper nervous system activation and muscle recruitment.  It is like learning to drive or like forging a new track from a well established track. It’s the same process when you learn to use your body properly in daily life & with gym exercise.

A/ When you learnt to drive someone taught you then you focused your attention to it and practiced it. Ultimately, it was learned in your subconscious.

B/ Another analogy is a well worn bush track where there is no other route. As a new process is learnt, its like a new track  being formed.  Then the old track does not exist anymore . 

 Compare  these to a nervous system that becomes more strongly wired.

Current Neuroscience is demonstrating how the Nervous System changes. In response to the sensory information it receives (Neuroplasticity). This is a paper I wrote that explains  how the Nervous System changes. The application was to the learning disabled child but it applies equally to you and how we learn anything.

It is so important to learn to do things like exercise in the gym in a way that won’t allow strain at the time or in the future.

The Movement becomes more efficient

If all the muscles are working together the body works as one unit. This will avoid overload & strain. Also, this means you have more energy.

Each movement becomes more efficient as many muscles are working together. This is instead of a few muscles doing a lot overloading your body causing strain and symptoms

“It’s not what you do it’s how you do it”

We need to perform our daily activities in a manner that is good for our body and acts as exercise. “It’s not what you do its how we do it”

The body learns how to naturally (subconsciously) to perform the task. This activates the muscles which will support the activity.  This allows best performance.  We will provide education and advice to help manage your condition.

The ultimate goal is for the activity to be done in a natural and subconscious way.

Osteopath’s are primary care practitioners.  We provide  a full examination, diagnosis and postural assessment. Osteopathy includes manual treatment.  Our goal is identify the cause & compensations of your problem & help provide a solution.

 The Bodies Structure needs to allow it to Function

Osteopathic treatment is necessary, to help the bodies structure allow it to function. The body has to move correctly, before you can apply this in daily life.

Osteopathic Consultation and treatment manages your condition.

Body use class may compliment your treatment.

Women On Running Machine In Gym

Learn how to prevent pain and strain in your daily life through Osteopathic Consultation & Body Use instruction.

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