Frequently Asked Questions (Osteopathy)

What happens in an Osteopathic consultation?

At your first visit a thorough examination will take place which will allow us to develop a solution to your problem. This examination focuses on how your body works mechanically & how this maybe affecting the local region or other regions. Intimate to osteopathic thinking is the relationship between the structure and the function of your body. The body is able to heal and regulate itself under normal circumstances when the structure of your body allows normal and unimpeded mechanical function. The cause of your problem and treatment needed to correct it will be explained to you.

You will be given a complete understanding of your problem and what has to be done to restore it to normal health again. It is important that you understand so do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have for a better understanding.

How long is a Osteopathic consultation?

The initial consultation is 30 minutes and subsequent treatment is variable. Sometimes an extended consultation & treatment is necessary

This is an average of what time it generally takes to solve a problem. You will be given a time factor that is required to treat your problem.


Do I need to unrobe or put on a clinic gown for examination/treatment

A minimum of clothing will have to be removed to allow the cause of your condition to be determined and how it is relating to your symptoms. Whenever clothing is removed a gown is always used and underwear is always left on.

Are there any side-effects or reactions to treatment. If so, how long will it last?

The treatment does not make the body do something it can’t do. It is possible though that there is a reaction to changed body function. If you are in the unlucky minority to experience this we expect it to be very temporary. As the condition improves no reaction will be necessary to occur.

How many treatments will I need?

Initially the frequency of the treatment schedule will be spaced close although as you improve & your condition stabilises the frequency will be lessened as treatment is spaced further apart.

Generally your treatment schedule is reviewed after 2-3 wks. Your treatment plan is individual to you & each situation is customized to the person.

How can I prevent the injury from reoccurring?

It is important to isolate the cause of your symptoms then a strategy can be developed to stop the injury reoccurring. The treatment restores the function of your body & you are instructed in practical postural & body use in your everyday life.

The clinic offers body use classes for patients that need individual supervised help to learn the necessary skills for the body to move in a natural supported way. In this way reoccurrence is minimized.