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Please understand that Osteopathic treatment relates to the musculoskeletal aspect of the condition (eg. helps with muscle contraction, relaxation & movement co-ordination)

TEACHERS at Green Point Christian College spent Wednesday crawling around on their hands and knees as part of a sensory integration learning program.

Based on the premise that all learning is linked to foundation movement activities that occur during the first years of life, the program called Essential Moves encourages students to use early movements such as crawling and rolling to help them learn more effectively.

Director Cate Larke met the staff to teach them a range of activities they could introduce to encourage children to settle and concentrate.

Ms Larke, a primary school teacher herself, implemented a sensory integration program and saw the dramatic improvements in her own son.

“I established Essential Moves in 2005 to provide an alternative to parents of children with learning and/or behavior problems,” Ms Larke said.

“It is now an Australian wide school-based program and Green Point Christian College is the first of many schools on the Central Coast to take part.”

Ms Larke said research over the past 30 years indicated that higher order thinking and effective learning was often linked to how a child reached milestones during the first few years of life.

“We even see great improvements in children who are already great learners,” Ms Larke said.