Daily Life as Exercise Article

We need to perform our daily activities in a manner that is good for our body & acts as exercise. “It’s not what we do its how we do it”.

In this way everything we do is exercise. The body learns how to naturally (subconsciously) perform the task & activate the muscles that will support the activity without straining thus allowing optimum performance . As the body consistently performs in this manner it becomes more strongly wired in then nervous system & becomes routine. The nervous system learns to tell the muscles what to do (eg. contract or relax). It is crucial that the nervous system activates the muscles appropriately.

The way we learn to move is hard wired & all babies develop progressively from one stage to the next. If a stage is not developed properly a compensated movement pattern will result which often contributes to chronic or recurrent problems. Often an injury will cause behavior to be adjusted & the movement will be compensated resulting in unsupported movement (eg. an adult).

The process of learning proper nervous system activation & muscle recruitment is like the analogies of learning to drive or like forging a new track from a well established track.

  1. When you learnt to drive someone taught you then you focused your attention to it & practiced it. Ultimately, it became learnt & sub-conscious.
  2. Another analogy is a well worn bush track where there is no other route. As a new process is learnt it is like a new track being formed & the old tack does not exist anymore (this can be compared to a nervous system that becomes more strongly wired).